Making it (almost) official!

With less than six months to go until D day (that’s the wedding day to the normal still sane people out there) we have been to give notice of marriage today. As anyone that knows me will tell you I worry about absolutely everything and this was no exception. From whether we had the right documents (we sort of did) to whether they would find some weird loophole reason why we couldn’t marry (fingers and toes crossed we weren’t related, we’ve been sharing a bed for a while now) and up to and including whether we knew enough about each to pass the ‘test’ (turns out what we both calls our individual occupations is not remotely in line with what we call our partners, for example where I work as a sales assistant or store colleague as they prefer me to say, Scott told the nice lady I work as a clerk, not remotely close and I fully blame Jay and Silent Bob.

Once there it is fair to say it wasn’t quite the Nazi style level of interrogation I had anticipated. Although after working myself up prior to the instant I admit I nearly went to pieces after being asked for my full address. It’s fair to presume that never again in my life will I be asked so many times in one day whether or not I am related to somebody I really shouldn’t be. Having now been forewarned that we will have to answer the same set of questions again just before the ceremony (because I won’t be weeing myself nervous enough), I feel like I can actually start to worry slightly less now that I know what to expect. Now it’s just getting through the vows that will be the problem!


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