Inside the mind of a bride!

This image is a screenshot taken from my phone and it represents only a very small portion of the wedding planning madness that is currently present on there. It is also a very accurate visual representation of what I would imagine my thought process currently looks like. My inner monologue at the minute goes something a little bit like this:

Brain: “Which garter should I choose, I originally liked the lace one with the flowers, very rustic”

Also brain: “But the pearls, everything else is pearls. It would match the Swarovski earrings and bangle perfectly”

Brain: “Don’t forget the bow, the bows cute. And it kind of matches the tulle in your dress”

Also brain: “I’ll ask mum she’ll know which is best. So anyway which bag for the bridesmaids gifts……….”

And so on and so forth. The best part is the sheer amount of times this process repeats itself, when I’m laid in bed, when I’m walking to work, when I’m at work etc etc. The big decisions of the wedding I found really easy. The first venue we went to see was perfect so we booked it on the spot, I’ve always wanted a camper van over a traditional wedding car so I booked it, with the dress I tried on only four and fell in love with and went home with the fourth. Instead it is all the small little details that I am struggling with. All the bits that don’t seem very important but that I know will tie the wedding together. Plus as I always do I want to make everybody else happy with my decisions, I want the bridesmaids to love their gifts, I want the groom to think that the garter is a cute but sexy touch (having talked to him he currently thinks neither of these things).

With just over five months left to make these last decisions I am trying to not let myself get too bogged down or overwhelmed by the process. Yet somehow I can not stop myself looking at the same items online over and over again, no closer to making a final decision. It does feel very much like a waiting process at the minute. Like I’m waiting to see one final image of a wedding all put together and not six million screenshots of things that I like but I’m not one hundred per cent sure which is the right one yet. At least choosing the groom wasn’t this difficult.


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